Human Analytics



HUMAN ANALYTICS develops advanced solutions and provides advisory services in the area of analytical intelligence, design and application of processes, with the aim of converting data into knowledge, based on multivariate statistical models and artificial intelligence. Its technology is based on the use of mathematical analysis tools that are supported by 4.0 facilitators: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.



Advice and implementation of mathematical models focused on process optimization. We provide solutions by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to generate efficient improvements for your business



It makes available our experience, knowledge and methodology in the treatment, quality and structure of data to the Medical Staff, to transform it into useful knowledge



Data management and analysis, to predict behavioural patterns, VO2 max, lactate curves, injuries,… improve your training capacity, increase your competition performance, taking care of your health and wellness



HUMAN ANALYTICS seeks to position itself to its public as a company that provides reference solutions by providing technological services and predictive analysis. We offer our Clients, Users and Collaborators knowledge and experience to reach their proposed objectives.

HUMAN ANALYTICS is a company that innovates, surprises, pleases and loyalty its customers, all offering an excellent service to Users.

The values ​​by which our organization is guided allow us to move forward firmly, seeking continuous improvement in results. For HUMAN ANALYTICS honesty is essential, expressed as respect for oneself and for others; responsibility, which is still a sign of maturity, everything we do has a consequence, which depends on ourselves; loyalty, is to reciprocate, an obligation that one has by having obtained something through trust and respect, is a commitment to defend what we believe and in whom we believe; and empathy, the effort we make to recognize and understand people’s feelings and attitudes, as well as the circumstances that affect them at a given moment.

And always looking for ways to permanently improve the results of each project, adding value through new technologies, ensuring compliance with sustainability and development standards to achieve the best results, combining technology and experience, HUMAN ANALYTICS offers quality and competitiveness.



We are indisputably committed to people as an engine of change and development, promoting networks of participation both internally and externally, developing new methodologies for working with the Client and adapting to their needs; for this, it is essential to have a Work Team that complements each other and strives every moment to achieve excellence.

HUMAN ANALYTICS was born in September 2017, the result of the concerns of four people who decide to join forces to create a dream. The experience, capacities and responsibilities of the members of the promoter team and the profiles that are incorporated into the company for the future combine that mix that makes a Work Team, a Team capable of meeting its challenges.

One of the main strengths that HUMAN ANALYTICS has is the extensive experience of its entrepreneurial team, as well as the multidisciplinarity of it with an important knowledge both technological (Big-Data, BI, Artificial Intelligence) and commercial (Sports sector, Health sector) and management.

Our Work Team has freedom of hours that facilitate family reconciliation, also allowing remote work, at home if necessary; the performance of the HUMAN ANALYTICS team is based on being happy doing its job, using passion and the desire to create useful digital tools for a healthier society.