Human Analytics



The use of data collection technology allows much more objective information to be collected than that obtained directly by individuals; many more parameters can be studied and can revolutionize current control and monitoring systems for follow-ups and treatments. This identifies the importance of the use of sensors of mobile phones, wearables, and other instruments of daily life as key elements to improve personalization of health.

During the last years, the Health sector maintains an important research activity, not only related to scientific improvement, but also important work is being done for the introduction of new technologies that allow improving predictive systems. In this sense, there are several lines of research open for the use of Big-data technologies and predictive models, for example the development of tools for clinical decision-making, with the aim of improving clinical prescription, that seek to reduce potential errors in the prescription phase, as well as the adverse effects of the medication. Thus, the PRIGIC Score, which allows the prediction of diabetes in Patients with coronary heart disease, is a Platform that we have donated to the Sociedad Asturiana de Cardiología (, which can help our society control a disease such as high prevalence diabetes and more with implications for coronary Patients.